ISEMS PROJECTS Debora di Centa’s personal project, is put into practice through all her services, which include, shows and lessons, collaborations and research. The word “ISEMS” derives from Friulano, the language spoken in the north eastern part of Italy and means “The seeds”, the word “PROJECTS” are all the activities which are developed from them. In Debora’s artistic and working path, “ISEMS” are all the ideas which, through her work, take form and become reality.


Debora’s approach to movement is based on the theoretical and practical use of the concepts of Choreological Studies (CS), which are the contemporary developments in Rudolf Laban’s Principles and Practice, initiated by Valerie Preston Dunlop (VPD) and Rosemary Brandt (RB) at TrinityLaban, London. These studies offer the possibility to deepen awareness and perception of the body in motion, and to expand the knowledge of the Art of Dance and of Performance. Debora’s methodology promotes the physical experience of movement and its exploration, in order to obtain a full understanding of the self together with the use of a specific terminology. This process will enable artists and participants to improve their embodiment and (eliminato: the) ability to communicate their ideas and concepts during their work. Through each explorative process we will be able to investigate some of the widest topics within the knowledge of human movement as the structure of movement, the use of space and the fundamentals of the performance intended as a medium of communication (VPD - The Four Strands of the Dance Medium). Each class will start with a warm-up to prepare the body, followed by the investigation of the notions of body, actions, dynamics and rhythm (RB - Eukinetics), space and relationships. This way every workshop becomes a chance to grow individually and artistically and to share an opportunity for each participant to explore his own motor and intellectual abilities. Freedom and creativity are the key words to engage into the exploration. The knowledge involved in this practice ingrained in dance and human movement, can be applied beyond the spectrum of the art of dance to other art forms or performance practices, such as film-making, opera, theatre, etc. The dialog is fundamental and well-accepted.


In 2012 Debora started to direct the Creative Movement Laboratories for the Cultural and Sportive Association ‘CRESSI’ (Cercivento, Ud-Italy). These workshops continue and currently are open to the public both children through the elderly. The principal aim of these classes are to stimulate the development of bodily expression and to re-discover physicality.


With great success since 2011 to current she directs with success the ‘Lettura in Movimento’ laboratories for the Intermediate School of Paluzza (Ud/It). These workshops are promoted by the school and are attended by students from 11 to 13 years old. The laboratories join together the reading of albums and movement. During the classes the students read the text and observe the images and then they create some choreographies totally inspired and delivered by the participants.


Since 2011 she commenced the delivery of specific workshops for actors. These workshops focus on the study of movement, expressivity and on specific concepts as dynamics, rhythm, actions and body from a Choreological Perspective. (Accademia Sperimentale di Teatro di Tolmezzo, Ud/Italy).


This workshops started in 2012 and are a part of a major project in collaboration with schools, associations and independent artists. These workshops involve the children participants in the creation of a show which talks about education. Parallel to the workshop we discuss the meaning of rules in children’s education, both in schools and inside the family and in todays society. (Partners: Ass. ‘CRESSI’, Ass. ‘SBILF’, Ass. Giorgio Ferigo, Scuola Elementare di Comeglians, Carlo Tolazzi, Giulio Venier e Gruppo ‘Cressi Experience’).


‘Progetto Bansky – Arte Visiva e Movimento CreAttivo’ is a creative movement workshop with connections on visual art/graffiti. For this project I worked with the students of the High School ‘Liceo Don Bosco’ in Pordenone (It) 2011. The aim of the workshop was to create movement material by working on the concepts expressed in visual art.


Since 2010 she has and continues to deliver workshops for professionals and students of Dance Art, by using theoretical and practical elements of Choreology. Each encounter is based on three main sections: warm-up, exploration of practical and theoretical concepts of Choreology and creation of new choreographic elements.


Currently and since 2012 she delivers Movement Choirs and Flashmobs since 2012. These type of performances involve a large number of participants inclusive of dancers and amateurs with no age limit restriction. In July 2012 I co-directed 70 dancers for the Summer Campus at Trinity Laban. During the same year I co-directed the flashmob for the “And…Cross” at GoldSmiths University in New Cross London, and “Sequence” for TFL/Torino Film Lab in Torino, Italy. In 2014 I co-directed “In Memoriam” for TrinityLaban London. These events enabled the performers to embody specific concepts taken from Choreological Studies. The main objective of Choir Movements is to engage every participant enhancing the individuals uniqueness, and to develop a sense of togetherness and team work.


“I Giganti” is an experimental laboratory born by the desire of re-connecting Nature and Human being. With the concept and theme of walking in the woods the body and it’s movement begin a relationship with trees, pathways, leaves, earth and rocks. In these moments, the dancer explores his/her movement naturally, like playing a game in order to discover new possibilities of expression.