ISEMS PROJECTS Debora di Centa’s personal project, is put into practice through all her services, which include, shows and lessons, collaborations and research. The word “ISEMS” derives from Friulano, the language spoken in the north eastern part of Italy and means “The seeds”, the word “PROJECTS” are all the activities which are developed from them. In Debora’s artistic and working path, “ISEMS” are all the ideas which, through her work, take form and become reality.


Debora di Centa is a freelance dance-artist, specialized in Choreological Studies. Since 2004 she has worked as a contemporary dance teacher, choreologist, performer, choreographer and events curator. She began her career teaching in a private dance school in Italy. There, she taught ballet and was responsible for all the balletic courses from 2004 till 2009 in Studianzando A.S.P. Dance School in Tolmezzo (Ud), Italy. In 2008 she graduated from the A.I.D.A. with a Diploma in Academic Ballet Teaching at the AssociazioneInsegnantiDanzaAccademica, Milan (Italy). Between 2009 and 2010 Debora moved to London where she got a Diploma in Dance Studies/DDS at TrinityLaban Conservatoire of Music and Dance. From 2010 to 2013, she has specialised in the study of the logics of human movement in dance, Choreological Studies. She is among the first graduates from the Specialist Diploma in Choreological Studies at TrinityLaban, having developed an expertise inthe Contemporary Developments ofLaban’s Principles and Practice. She currently performs in her own productions and collaborates with other art-professionals. She would like to develop and expose her professional experience to promote contemporary dance-art, the study of human movement and the research and analysis of the development of Contemporary Performative Arts. She approaches her work from a Choreological Perspective. She gives courses and workshops for professionals as well as amateurs, children, and in schools.

Major works and collaborations

  • “Is it…?”

    “I sit…?” is a solo created and performed by Debora di Centa (DDC) for the exhibitions of the One Year Program (2009-2010) at TrinityLaban London. This choreography has been considered among the most deserving works selected. “Is it…?” aims to express the beauty of movement by focusing on its dynamic qualities and rhythm, in order to suggest varied visual forms and meanings and stimulate the audience’s imagination. This piece has been performed at the Event for contemporary dance and art “Libera!”, organized by the Dance Company “AreArea” in Udine (It).
    Outcomes achieved: choreographed + performed

  • “L’altro me”

    “L’ altro me” is a show written and directed by the actor and director Alessandoro Mistichelli. From this collaboration the performance has been enriched by the insertion of moments of physical theatre. In the main choreography the dancers interpret the duality of the protagonist who is dependent on gambling. In the other scenes they become some of the other characters of the story. In this work the body expresses the alienation which comes from the repetition of gestures in front of the slot-machine and also the confrontation within oneself and the loss of the inner balance. (Dancers: Debora di Centa, Rosemary Maieron 2011 e Noel Colledani 2013)
    Outcomes achieved: choreographed + performed

  • “The 4th”

    “The 4th” is the of product of a research process based on principles and practice of Choreological Studies applied to Choreography(SCDS Choreutics module TrinityLaban, London). In this work a specific interest has been brought to the use of light as a sub-strand of space and to the spaciality of movement itself. The piece has been performed for “Libera!”2012 and has been re-made as a site-specific for the event “Ricostruire la Musica” in Arta Terme (Ud). In the second event the performance has been re-created by interacting with the installation “Insediamenti” of the Visual Artist Edi Carrer. A further development of “The 4th” is a video-dance work through the collaboration with the video-makers Nicola Silverio and Giuliano Cortolezzis. A video-installation of it has been presented at the international Event of Dance and Contemporary Art “Ravnedans- AmatEUrs” at Kristiansand (Norway). (Dancers: Debora di Centa & Noel Colledani).
    Outcomes achieved: choreographed + danced

  • “Microcosmo Anima Hominis”

    Microcosmo Anima Hominis” is a collective work, developed through Nadia Marcuzzi (Visual Artist and Poetess) and Johnny Dario (Musicianr and Chorus Director). ‘Microcosmo’ is an itinerant show obtained by the fusion of three mediums of communication : poetry, music and dance. On scene, which is an outdoor pathway, the artists guide the audience through tree places of the natural scenario chosen to represent the three acts of the show. This work aims to express an intimate, female and ‘human pathway’, which through the love goes from the existential darkness to the achievement of the light. In its two editions, the show has been performed in the beautiful Sanctuaries of San Pietro in Zuglio (Ud) and in the Santuario della Madonna of Raveo (Ud). For the second edition “Microcosmo Anima Hominis” has been selected to enter the calendar of “CarniaArrmonie 2013”, and it has been joined by the presence of the actress Eleonora Cozzi and the singer Sonia Zanier.
    Outcomes achieved: Directed, Choreographed and performed.

  • "Dorina, una bambina in tempo di guerra"

    “Dorina, una bambina in tempo di guerra” is a theatrical transposition of the text “Dorina”, written by the writer and art historian Raffaella Cargnelutti. The short story describes the significant date of the 15th of February 1916, in which Maria Plozner Mentil died in the Alps of Carnia. Maria Plozner Mentil was one of the hundreds of women who helped the Italian soldiers at the front, during the First World War. The primary characteristic of the text is the unusual point of view that has been used; the tragedy of the 1st World War is described and seen by the eyes of Dorina, Maria’s daughter. The show is characterized by the inter-relation of different types of art forms which are: video projection, dance, drama and live music. The objective of this work and of its production is to preserve the historical memory of the figure of the “Portatrice Carnica”, that Maria Plozner was and still represents. The work has been co-directed with Maria Chiara Sassu (Critic and Historian of’Art). On stage: Debora di Centa (dancer/choreographer) Eleonora Cozzi (Actress) and Gigi Maieron (Songwriter and Musician). “Dorina, una bambina in tempo di guerra” has become also a feature film realized in collaboration with “Nick&Giul Productions”, for the dissemination of the historical memory in the schools.
    Outcomes achieved: Directing, Choreographing and Performing.


    This flash-mob has been created together with the Dance Artist Anne-Gaelle Thiriot for the “Nexing + New Cross Inn” Event. The event was commissioned by “Artmongers” in collaboration with TrinityLaban Conservatoire of Music and Dance, and Goldsmiths University, London. The aim of this work was to promote pedestrians freedom in contraposition to the chaotic traffic of the A2 high-way, which passes through New Cross’s area (London). The performance involved people from the community of New Cross in a site-specific flash-mob to point the attention on the relationship between citizens intended as pedestrians and the busy line traffic of the A2. The aim was to re-balance the tyranny traffic rushing through New Cross and build co-operation and creative interaction between the local community and Goldsmiths.
    Outcomes achieved: Directing + Choreographing.


    The “Laban Movement Choir 2012” has been directed in collaboration with the Dance Artist Anne-Gaelle Thiriot and the super-vision of Doctor Valerie Preston-Dunlop. The aim of the work was the celebration of the Olympic Games 2012 in London. This performance involved the participation of 70 students of the summer courses at TrinityLaban, who worked on Rudolf Laban’s principles and practice of the study of movement. Between the concepts we incorporate: dynamics, space, relationships and the interaction of movement with the general space/ environment. The site of the performance was the courtyard of the Laban Building in London.
    Risultati raggiunti: Choreographing + Rehearsal director


    “Il Mac di san Giuan” in Cercivento (Udine, Italy) is a traditional festival that takes place on the 21st of June each year in correspondence of the summer solstice. During this event all the villagers celebrate a rite of blessing of the plants and herbs that grow in the local region. For this occasion I created a site specific performance of dance, music, acting and drawing. The audience has been guided for a tour to visit seven different locations of the old village. The artists, two actress and four professional dancers, were accompanied by four musicians and a drawer to interact through dance and improvisation with the varied sites of the town. The aim of this event was to evoke the connection between symbols and meanings of the traditional festival “Il Mac di san Giuan”, and to show the beauty of some of the most ancient LOCATIONS OF THE VILLAGE/houses, courtyards, fountains, squares and architectural structures of the old village, like the old wash-house, which is and request preservation.
    Outcomes achieved: Event-Curator + Directing


    This choreographic flash-mob was commissioned by TFL- Torino Film Lab/Writers Room Group as a section of a major Trans-media Project in Torino, Italy (October 2012). For this event we aimed to give to all participants the chance to experience and express his/her physicality together with the group and to get an understanding of “doing” movement in space. ‘Sequence’ flash-mob, is also considered as a result of the interaction between body spatial actions and urban geometry. The work has been based, informed and supported by Choreological Studies, with a specific focus on Choreutics, the study of movement spatiality. By investigating movement we used the concepts of “geometry of the set and of the site” in connection with the chore concepts of the Trans-media Project (Symbolic meanings of: indigo, angels, symbol of eight and the DNA spiral).
    Outcomes achieved: Directing + choreographing

  • “International P.C.I.”

    “International P.C.I.” is the debut album of the visual artist and saxophonist Manuela Plazzota. The choreographies realized for the first concert took inspiration from some of the songs of the album. The event has been realized with the musician U.T. Ghandi at the Pinacoteca “De Cilia” (Art Gallery) in Treppo Carnico (Ud). The official video-promo of the album is “Kiriakoi” realized by Nick&Giul Productions. ( Performers: Debora di Centa and Noel Colledani)
    Outcomes achieved: Choreographinf+ performing

  • Site specific “Festa dei Fiori” Tolmezzo

    The performance presented for the Event “Festa dei Fiori” in Tolmezzo (Ud) was strongly influenced by the locations: the Pubblic Library and the internal courtyard of the Museum “Museo Carnico delle Arti Popolari -Michele Gortani. The two choreographic works where based on contaminations between set-material, contact improvisation and live music, and performed in collaboration with Noel Colledani (dancer) and Susan Franzil (musician).
    Outcomes achieved: Choreographing + performing


    This work is the result of the encounter with the violinist and composer Giulio Venier. Venier works are a fusion of traditional music (Villotta) and experimental sounds. For this type of embodiment the focus was on experiencing the use of space and gravity from a new perspective. The dance in fact was inspired by the movements of the spider and performed while climbing a wall. The sound and the movement encountered each other and created a dialog between improvisation and set material.
    Outcomes achieved: choreographing + performing

  • "SOLA"- assolo

    “Sola” represents the outcome of applying Choreology into Choreography and it has been presented at “Teatro del Gatto” in Ascona Switzerland as part of Labanevent 2013. The performance is the result of the choices taken on the dynamic qualities, rhythm and spatiality of movement of the body, in order to express words, thoughts and emotions of the character on stage.
    Outcomes achieved: Choreographing + performing

  • “Non potho reposare”

    The choreography “Non Potho Reposare” is the result of a research on the use of the word as the source of stimulus for movement in order to express emotions and feelings and to embody the profound and individual meanings of love. The piece takes its title from the homonym song of Andrea Parodi, the singer of the group Tazenda. The choreography is totally inspired by the text of the song as a tribute to its singer. “Non Potho Reposare” is a choreography realized with Noel Colledani for the concert “A’-lè-nu” in Tolmezzo, Italy (21st December 2013Ud).
    Outcomes achieved: Choreographing + Performing

  • “IN MEMORIAM 2014 ” Movement Choir at TrinityLaban , London

    “In Memoriam” is a movement choir realized at TrinityLaban London, directed by Doctor Valerie Preston Dunlop (VPD). This work is an absolute collaboration between VPD, across the all range of programs at Laban, across Trinity musicians, with film-makers and between Faculty and Alumnae (Debora di Centa and Anne-Gaelle Thiriot) who lead it, and it is also part of the ‘CoLab 2014’ events between Trinity and Laban. “In Memoriam” is a metaphor for the celebration of differences, the confrontations, the wars, the hope and the wisdom that characterized the 1st World War and all conflicts which still happen all around the world. By 2015 the work will be accessible on-line.
    Outcomes achieved: Rehearsal-Director.

Artistic Statement

Dance is part of the expression of the “Self”, intended as the utterance of the inner being. Through movement the person can experience the body in different, more detailed and conscious ways. My objective is to promote and educate to the art of movement as a way of sharing between people. My research as performer, teacher and choreographer connects the concepts of body, actions, space, dynamic qualities and relationships, extending them to the study of the relatedness between “The Four Strands of the Dance Medium”, more commonly known as “Mise en scène”.

Workshop and Education

Debora’s approach to movement is based on the theoretical and practical use of the concepts of Choreological Studies (CS), which are the contemporary developments in Rudolf Laban’s Principles and Practice, initiated by Valerie Preston Dunlop (VPD) and Rosemary Brandt (RB) at TrinityLaban, London. These studies offer the possibility to deepen awareness and perception of the body in motion, and to expand the knowledge of the Art of Dance and of Performance.



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