ISEMS PROJECTS Debora di Centa’s personal project, is put into practice through all her services, which include, shows and lessons, collaborations and research. The word “ISEMS” derives from Friulano, the language spoken in the north eastern part of Italy and means “The seeds”, the word “PROJECTS” are all the activities which are developed from them. In Debora’s artistic and working path, “ISEMS” are all the ideas which, through her work, take form and become reality.


In 1986, at the age of seven Debora began studing Ballet at Studianzando dance school in Tolmezzo (Ud, Italy), with choreographer and teacher Ambra Tesolin. From the age of eleven she layed foundations for contemporary dance, with a specialization in Graham Technique. Over the years studing the Studianzando dance school she had the opportunity to develop her expressivity, increase her creativity and master the dance technique. As a student she performed in many dance events/contests and competitions through 2004. That year 2004 Debora began in the role of teacher at the same school and become responsible for all the ballet courses and curriculum of the school. At the same time she also continued dancing and participating for various competitions and workshop in FVG - Italy, Veneto - Italy and Austria. Between 2006 and 2008 she frequented the “ Corso Biennale di Danza Accademica A.I.D.A.” in Milan, specializing in the teaching of Classical Ballet Technique. Here she had the opportunity to interact and study with some of the most important teachers from the Scuola di Ballo Teatro alla Scala in Milan, such as Colombini, Campassi, Arditi, Forte and others.
Another important encounter is the one with Margherita Mora , who studied at “Scala di Milanno” and at the Giuliard School of NY, and was ’etoil’ of Carla Fracci’s Ballet Company. With Margherita Mora she begin a specific study in the methodology of teaching ballet technique.
In 2009 Debora decided to furtherdevelop her studies as a contemporary dancer and after being accepted at the TrinityLaban Conservatoire of Music and Dance she moved to London; where she lived and studied for 18 months and graduated in the Diploma in Dance Studies (DDS). Through expert professionals she prepared in the study of the varied contemporary dance techniques such as Release Based, Contact Improvisation, Cunningham, and Ballet. Through the program she also studied Choreography, Choreology, Physical Theatre, Teaching Contemporary Dance Technique, Anatomy of Dance, and participated to varied ‘choreographic labs’ with both internal and external professionals at the Conservatoire. In this period she also collaborated with varied independent artists and with students of the Master at TrinityLaban (es. Dance Sience, Choreography, Body in Performance).During summer 2010 she worked for the company Pair Dance as dancer (substitute) with the choreographer Harriet Mecauley. At this time Debora developed a strong interest in Choreological Studies and with the encouragement and support of the Lecturer Rosemary Brandt, a specialist in this field at TrinityLaban , Debora decided to continue her studies and graduated from the SDCS – Specialist Diploma in Choreological Studies with ‘Distinction’.
This pathway gave her the indispensable tools to promote the education of the art of dance and permit her to continue her studies and research on movement and the knowledge of Performative Arts. Her research explores in depth the knowledge of the structure of movement, of space and relationships. Through the knowledge of the triadic perspective of creating, performing and appreciating, and through the she is able to explore the relatedness between ‘The Four Strands of the Dance Medium’ (VPD), better known as ‘Mise en Scéne’, present in each theatrical work or choreography. Through this path she found her daily stimulus on research and innovation, which developed her profession as dancer, teacher and choreographer. Since 2010 she worked as Independent Artist for different projects with the aim to promote Performative Arts and the progress within the education of bodily expressivity.
Her work as performer and choreographer goes along with her work as educator/teacher for Conservatoires, in dance schools, compulsory education, high-schools and Universities. She exhibits on various platforms collaborating with artists coming from different areas such as music, singing, theatre/drama, visual-art and video-making, including also collaborations as events-curator with the touristic sector and education. Acheiving her qualification in ‘Choreological Studies’ she worked as assistant for Rosemary Brandt, Alison Curties Jones and Valerie Preston Dunlop for the Labanevent 2013 in Monte Verità, Ascona Switzerland. During the Event she also presented one of her last choreographic works derived by the application of Choreological studies into/ on to choreography titled ‘Sola’ (Teatro del Gatto, Ascona, Switzerland.)
Since 2012 she has organized and created Movement Choirs in collaboration with the Dance-Artist Anne Gaelle Thiriot. Together they created a first Movement Choir for the London Olympic Games 2012 at TrinitLaban, followed by the falshmob ‘And…Cross’ realized in collaboration with Goldsmiths University for the major event ‘’Nexing” in New Cross, London. In the same year Debora codirected with Laura d’Asta “Sequence”, a fashmob for TFF- Torino Film Festival, TFL Group in Torino, Italy.
In July 2014 she works as rehearsal-director for the Movement Choir ‘In Memoriam’ , directed by Valerie Preston Dunlop for TrinityLaban Institute, London. The project started in February 2014 as ‘CoLab’ and will become a web-file and DVD film accessible on November 2014.
Another important aspect of Debora’s professional experience is her work as creative movement teacher for children, teen-agers and adults through working for varied Associations and in the Schools.
Between January and June 2014 she worked for the Association Lila , at which time they achieved and won a Regional Competition, in order to insert activities such as creative movement practice, music, circus and theatre in the primary schools’ study program. Another important collaboration is the one with the Association Cressi, through which Debora directs physical theatre labs for children in schools based on the idea of ‘Rules’ and how these are taught and shared by children, teachers and parents nowadays. She also assist with the realization of events, dance courses and also works and operates as performer.
As a performer she exhibits her creations in different contexts and she frequently works under commission. Since 2010 she often performs with the dance-artist Noel Colledani. In 2012 she created the choreography ‘The 4th’and presented it at Libera!, the dance festival organized by the company AreArea in Udine, Italy. This work has developed into a video-dance installation presented at the International Festival AmatEUrs /Ravenadace in Kristiansa, Norway. More recently Debora collaborated with the collective Atelier enidUDanza directed by Martina Tavano in Udine, Italy, choreographing the opening of the theatrical event “La pricission dal Gjat” directed by Alberto Vale in Gemona del Friuli (It.), and performed for the emergent choreographer Francesco Collavino in his new project Marginal Land. This project has been presented for the 50th Gala of the Dance School Ceron in Udine, Italy, and for Mittelfest 2014. Among her most significative works, Debora performed and co-directed two theatrical shows: “Microcosmo- Anima Homini” and “Dorina, una bambina in tempo di guerra”. Even though these works treat two different topics, the first is about the spiritual path of a person and the second is about the 1st World War, both of them aim to promote themes of importance through the interrelation of different art-forms such as music, dance, drama, visual-art and site-specific performance, with the support of two heterogeneous casts. Among the principal artists we cite the singer-songwriter Gigi Maieron, the musician and choir director Johnny Dario and the visual-artist Nadia Marcuzi. “Microcosmo- Anima Homini” was presented in the music festival Carniarmonie 2013 and “Dorina, una bambina in tempo di guerra” for the theatrical festival Candoniadi 2013. Debora is driven, passionate and extremely conscientious about her work and her performance choreographed and danced is simply “poetry in motion”. Her work is